As per 21 July 2020

Current COVID-19 Situation in North Macedonia

The Ministry of Health of North Macedonia monitors and holds daily press conferences on the COVID-19 outbreak. The detailed and updated number of cases – including statistics on patients in remission, number of new cases, deaths and the total of positive tests for COVID-19 – is published daily.



As per 16 June 2020

Country-Specific Information about the current situation in North Macedonia.

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As per 21 April 2020

The outbreak that started in Wuhan, China has quickly evolved from a local issue to a global crisis. Apart from the tragic human consequences, the disease is having and will continue to have a profound economic impact.

On March 18, 2020, North Macedonia, declared the state of emergency and postponed all preparations for parliamentary elections in April. On, April 17th, 2020 the President of North Macedonia declared an additional 30-days state of emergency. During the state of emergency, the Government adopts Decrees with power of law. New measures are introduced on daily basis in an attempt to mitigate the economic damage from Covid-19.

So far, the Government of North Macedonia adopted two sets of socio-economic measures to ensure liquidity in businesses and prevent layoffs.

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Coronavirus and the workplace

As Europe is now the "epicentre" of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Government of North Macedonia (“Government”) has introduced measures in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). All employers in North Macedonia should comply with the given instructions. 

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On the occasion of the opening of our office in Skopje we are honoured to invite you to an evening for friends of our firm. 

Welcome notes will be delivered by Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani, Deputy Prime Minister for economic affairs Kocho Angjushev (tbc), and the incoming Austrian Ambassador to the Republic of North Macedonia Dr. Georg Woutsas (tbc).

Confirmed special guests and speakers for the Office Opening event in Skopje include former Special Envoy for Kosovo, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ambassador to the UN and the OSCE Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch and the former highest-ranking civil servant of Austria and current special advisor to Chancellor Bierlein, Dr. Manfred Matzka (all Of Counsels at Lansky, Ganzger + partner). Furthermore, we are honoured to receive testimonial speakers including Dr. Szabolcs Fazakas, former Hungarian Minister for Economy and Member of the European Parliament.

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Nord-Mazedonien auf der Überholspur

Die letztjährige Vereinbarung zwischen Skopje und Athen über die Namensfrage beendete einen zwei Jahrzehnte währenden Streit, der die Integration Nord-Mazedoniens in die NATO und in die Europäische Union blockierte. Ausländische Direktinvestitionen in Verbindung mit inländischem privatem und öffentlichem Unternehmertum werden bei der Erreichung dieses Ziels eine entscheidende Rolle spielen. (Arlind Zeqiri in LGP News 02/2019)

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Prominenter Neuzugang im Beraterteam für Südosteuropa

Der ehemalige Minister für ausländische Investitionen in der Republik Nordmazedonien Arlind Zeqiri ist seit Sommer 2018 Mitglied des LGP Senior Expert Council. Mit ihm gewinnt LGP einen ausgewiesenen Kenner der Märkte in Südosteuropa.

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Discover Macedonia!

Die Republik Mazedonien hat in den letzten Jahren enorme Anstrengungen unternommen, um ein unternehmensfreundliches und geschäftsförderndes Umfeld für ausländische Investoren zu schaffen. Eine Einladung von Arlind Zeqiri, Minister für Auslandsinvestitionen in Mazedonien.

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