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Third interest-free credit line

with grant component for micro and small enterprises – „COVID3”

Third interest-free credit line

31 million euros will be made available to all micro and small companies, trade enterprises and craftsmen

The Development Bank of North Macedonia with the support of the European Union and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia has created a new credit line to support enterprises affected by the coronavirus condition. The interest-free loans are intended for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and handcraft shops from the most affected sectors.

The EU through EU4resilience from the IPA program has secured 30 million euros for realization of this project, while 1 million euros is secured by the Government and intended as a state support to deal with the coronavirus. The third interest-free credit line is expected to support 2000 micro and small enterprises. 

The credit line terms are the following:

  • interest rate: 0%
  • repayment period up to 3 years and grace period up to 6 months
  • currency: denars
  • minimum amount: EUR 3.000 
  • maximum amount:
  • for individual entrepreneurs and handcraft shops EUR 5.000
  • for small, micro and medium-sized enterprises EUR 15.000 

The borrowers will be able to use the grant component if they are in one of the four categories explained in the public call.

For more information related to the required documents visit the public call available at: https://www.mbdp.com.mk/mk/vesti/687-1-7 .

The start date for submitting loan applications for Covid 3 is on 16th of December at 00:01am. The credit applications can be submitted until 30th of December at 11:59pm. The received credit applications will be processed after the end of the public call, chronologically, according to the principle ‘first come, first served’. 

The application will be strictly electronic at the following e-mail address: kreditiranjecovid3@mbdp.com.mk.