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North Macedonia energy crisis 2021

North Macedonia energy crisis 2021

As we are still trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the world is experiencing a new energy crisis which hasn’t been seen since the 1970s. European gas and oil prices have reached an all-time high, while the surge in demand of coal in the World is the main reason for energy shortages around the globe.  

In November 2021, the Government of North Macedonia declared a 30-day state of crisis. The country is facing difficulties in power supply because of the lack of sources in the production of electricity. But due to the persistence of this problematic, the Government of North Macedonia has put to discussion, together with the Parliament, the extension of the energy crisis status for another six months. 

As stated by the government officials, by declaring the state of crisis, they would be able to take measures as: financial intervention, and the provision of additional supply of electricity. The current crisis in power supply may be reason to shortages of electricity or even destabilisation of the country's power system.

One of the main problems faced by North Macedonia is the malfunctioning of the coal-fired power plant REK Bitola. Due to several malfunctions of the fire pipes, the power plant has been halted twice in less than a week, according to the media report provided by the local televisions. As the primary generator of electricity in North Macedonia, REK Bitola has enough coal in stock for eight days of production. 

North Macedonia's state-owned electricity producer ESM recently launched calls for coal supply for the needs of REK Bitola and REK Oslomej thermal power plant.

According to the statements made last month by the General Manager of ESM North Macedonia, Vasko Kovacevski, the company will increase its power output from coal from December 2021 until April 2022, to fulfil the demand from local companies. In addition, ESM will activate the third unit of REK Bitola and continue to work with REK Oslomej.

The government previously goal was the stop of all the productions in REK Oslomej with the main goal to develop a photovoltaic power plant in the mining and energy production complex. 

Furthermore, EVN Home as a universal supplier of North Macedonia, just accepted the offer from ESM. It must be cited that an offer was only submitted by ESM to EVN for the overall needs of EVN. This means that ESM will cover all quantities of electricity for the electricity users (clients) of EVN, for the first half of 2022. Overall, the price of electricity has risen for 13.6%. The price in accordance to the previous tender was 36.1 EUR for MW per hour while now the price is 41 EUR for MW per hour.