LGP North Macedonia / Team / Managing Partner / Arlind Zeqiri, M.A.

Arlind Zeqiri, M.A.

Managing Partner at LANSKY, GANZGER + partner North Macedonia | Member of the LGP Senior Expert Council

Arlind Zeqiri, M.A.

Function: Managing Partner at LANSKY, GANZGER, ZEQIRI + partner Skopje
E-Mail: arlind.zeqiri@lansky.at
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Correspondence: Albanian, Macedonian, English, German, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Turkish

With Arlind Zeqiri, former Minister for Foreign Investments of the Republic of North Macedonia, LGP has won a renowned expert for economic policy in South-East Europe. As member of the government he acted at the strategic interface between local companies, potential foreign investors and government agencies. His main areas of expertise are: development and implementation of investment promotion strategies, regional development, economic systems of the European Union, environmental policy, economic diplomacy, economic reforms. Arlind Zeqiri’s professional career has led him from the State University of Tetovo (North Macedonia) to the North-West Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia, the Agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Export Promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia - Invest in Macedonia (in Bern, Switzerland) and then to the top of the Ministry for Foreign Investments of the Republic of Macedonia. At the beginning of his career, Arlind Zeqiri was active as a consultant for regional development and international investments in Germany and Austria. He has been admitted to the bar in Skopje since December 2012. Arlind Zeqiri speaks Albanian, Macedonian, English, German, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Turkish. 

Fields of activities

  • International economic policies
  • Private international law
  • Political and economic system of the states of South-Eastern Europe
  • Economies of the European Union
  • Environmental policies
  • Economic diplomacy
  • Policies to attract foreign direct investment
  • EU and South-Eastern Europe, Albania, Macedonia


  • 12/2012 Bar exam (Skopje, Macedonia) 
  • 10/2002–05/2007 South East European University Tetovo, diploma in law with specialisation in criminal law, human rights, international law, European Union law, international criminal law
  • 09/2010–05/2011 John Naisbitt University Belgrade (Univerzitet Megatrend), master's degree in macroeconomics and regional economics, with a focus on European Union economies, environmental policy, economic diplomacy
  • 03/2007–05/2010 International University Vienna (IU), master's program

Professional experience

  • 05/2016–06/2017 Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Minister for Foreign Investments:
    • Acted as strategic interface between domestic companies, potential foreign investors, and public authorities
    • Developed and implemented strategies to promote investments
    • Supported foreign investors during investment phase and approval procedures
    • Promoted the image of Macedonia as business location
    • Promoted reforms aimed at further developing an investor-friendly environment
  • 09/2013–05/2016 Agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, Head of the International Office in Bern (Switzerland)
  • 04/2012–09/2013 Agency for Regional Development Tetovo, Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Head of the Office
  • 04/2012–09/2013 State University of Tetovo, teaching assistant specialising in private international law, international law, political systems, international organisations, development policies and economy
  • 03/2012–09/2013 LANSKY, GANZGER + partner, Regional Manager Macedonia
  • 03/2011–09/2013 König Rechtsanwälte, Regional Manager SEE
  • 06/2007–04/2012 Consultant for regional economic development and foreign investment in Germany and Austria (DIWI Consult International), intern at the OSCE Secretariat and the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Vienna