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Market knowledge, economic and legal expertise from a single source

North Macedonia plays an important role for stability and growth throughout the entire SEE region. The country’s economy is resurgent thanks to stringent reforms aimed at raising its attractiveness as a business location in recent years. Furthermore, a stable interethnic peace and the long-awaited settlement of differences with its neighbour Greece have cleared the path for the opening of EU accession negotiations. These positive developments have not gone unnoticed in international financial institutions as well as with institutional and private investors.

As locally active consultants, we contribute to the positive development of Northern Macedonia by supporting international companies in their market entry and realizing projects with investors and local entrepreneurs. Through our legal experts, we offer services that cover clients’ needs in every field of legal work.
We strive to be the the strongest network of independent legal and tax consultancy firms in the region offering consistent high-quality legal advice that clients can trust. Collectively, our members offer all the advantages of an international firm with the added value of a more personal service.
Our specialist lawyers can guide and advise you in all corporate law, investment, tax, employment, competition, and real estate issues wherever you are based. We pride ourselves in our solution-oriented, customer-focussed approach going beyond purely legal and tax advice to cover all aspects of business activities in Northern Macedonia. For example, we offer active support in developing business opportunities by matching investors with targets, opening doors in business and political circles, and providing project management services.
With former Minister for Foreign Investments Arlind Zeqiri, we have as part of our team one of the most well-connected and knowledgeable experts for the markets of SEE. During his time in government, he acted at the strategic interface between local companies, potential foreign investors and government agencies.
Through our collaboration with Andersen Global, we are able to provide tax and legal services in over 140 locations throughout the globe with more than 6000 professionals.